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Hello, you! I’m Josey, a NYC-based on-camera and voiceover actor, host, and singer-songwriter—and a travel and lifestyle writer/editor. You can watch a really dorky video with much more (too much?) about me, here and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @GoJoseyGo. I love email, so—whether you want to work together or just say hi—please reach out at joseymiller [at] yahoo. It would completely make my day. In the meantime…







A69EF85B-9CC5-4745-814F-18CEB175D659We’re writing a whole show from scratch in a week and performing it at The PIT this Saturday at 9:30pm. Buy your tickets now—it sells out every time. Click here for details.






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And today was a ridiculously exciting day because, after our rehearsal on The Striker stage at The PIT, I ran across town… to sign officially with Abrams Artists Agency… for voiceover. NBD. JK. OMG.

Posted by: Josey | July 24, 2019

Signed for On-Camera with Abrams Artists! Plus…

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I’m over-the-moon excited to announce that I just signed for commercial on-camera with Abrams Artists Agency. I love them, admire them, and feel so totally lucky to get to work with them.

But wait, there’s more! Mark your calendar because I’m writing for/performing in another Old School Sketch Show at The PIT on Saturday, 9/28. And pssst… I heard you have a better shot at the Book of Life if you’re there. (It’s probably just a rumor, but why risk it?)

Posted by: Josey | January 13, 2019

Just Announced: Another PIT Old School Sketch Show 1/26!

img_0492Please mark your calendar: I’m back at The Peoples Improv Theater at 9:30pm on January 26th! Old School Sketch Show means a small cast of writer-performers pitch, write, edit, block, edit some more, memorize, and perform a comedy sketch show… all within seven exhausting-but-exhilarating days. Improv? Stand-up? Yup, we’ll have those, too. I’m so excited—and hope to see you there!

Posted by: Josey | October 4, 2018

Another New Song to Share with You

Another “Songwriting for Commercials” class, another song to share with you! (If you want to listen, it will take about 60 seconds.) 💋💋💋

Posted by: Josey | August 15, 2018

New Original Songs: Wake Up + Gig Economy

A class I just took in songwriting for commercials has my creative juices a-flowin’! Just me, my voiceover mic, Garageband… and one of my kids’ egg shakers… and I’m having so much fun noodling around:

Posted by: Josey | February 26, 2018

New Commercial VO Demo

A few weeks ago I was invited by a VO mentor to an event with some of the most talented promo voices around. I remarked to one that I’ve yet to meet anyone in this industry who isn’t friendly and down-to-earth. He said, “Y’know, I have a theory on that. I think it’s because very few of us ever expected that something so fun could be a job… so we do pretty much everything with a layer of gratitude.” In fact, one of the decades-long-VO-career veterans I met there generously offered to help me re-work my demo, and it’s posted here (very six-second-demo-like). Character, narration, and promo VO demos posted there, too. 🎶Let me entertain you…🎶

In other news, is “No Roots” by Alice Merton in everyone else’s head, too? How great is that song?! Note to self: cover it next singing gig.

Posted by: Josey | January 24, 2018

Old-School Sketch Show This Saturday at The PIT!

95528B43-694D-475D-8CE0-49166625DB97I’m back at The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT) this Saturday night at 9:30! From pitch to stage in seven days, it’s Old-School Sketch Show… and it is laughter-induced-asthma funny. I hope to see you there!


The cast of All That Glitters in NYC after the show (that’s me in green)

Remember that acting class I was telling you about? Well, a few of us decided to audition together for a holiday-themed musical theater project written by Pamela Robbins. She cast me in several roles in this collection of shorts–like Dakota in Home Fire, Alberta in No Runner-Up, Allison in Just in Time (alongside the incredible Laurie Sammeth AND I got to solo the standard Just in Time, too awesome), plus my favorite: Pinocchio in No Strings (yes, that Pinocchio). We performed it this weekend, and I’m so happy I was a part of it.




Studying commercial acting technique under John Howard Swain at T. Schreiber Studios 

My acting class is cuter than your acting class! The talent in this room is astonishing, and I love them all to pieces. (Had to get creative with the photo because I took it.) 


Posted by: Josey | October 18, 2017

Featured in Illinois News Gazette

Okay, so this is the sweetest. Illinois News Gazette newspaper editor Jeff D’Alessio tracked me down to feature me in his latest project, which celebrates the 150th birthday of my alma mater, The University of Illinois. It was in the print edition a few weeks ago, and now it’s online here.
P.S. I meant “Shampoo-Banana” ha.

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