Posted by: Josey | March 4, 2015

Josey Miller Is…

Josey Miller is NYC-based on-camera and voiceover talent, as well as a singer-songwriter and a respected travel and lifestyle journalist.
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In the role of the lead character Emily’s mom, I lent my voice to a film project last year… and just found out it was accepted to both Tribeca Film Festival and Cannes 2015.

Quick back story: The uber-talented, hardworking Robin Rose Singer wrote, produced and plays Emily in this film, which is called Aphasia. She and I first met at a Greenwich Village, NYC venue a decade ago; she worked there while I emceed weekly open mic nights and performed a weekly singer-songwriter residency at its sister venue; she’d often jump up for a song. A few years later we were so excited to find ourselves reunited at the first rehearsal for the Father of Songs musical sing-through. And then I was lucky enough to have her ask me to make a voiceover appearance in Aphasia. Don’t be fooled by her adorable giggles; Robin is a total bad ass.

Besides some exciting new work (I’ll share clips as soon as they say it’s okay!), I’ve taken some really fun classes this winter–and learned a TON:

After taking a month-long on-camera commercial acting class with casting directors Brooke Thomas (Brooke Thomas Casting) and Mary Callahan (House Casting)–you can read their blog here–Mary wanted to put me straight through to the callback of a big audition… and, not only did Brooke submit me on a voiceover job, but I booked it! They’re also the nicest, funniest ladies (and aspirational moms to boot), and when I grow up, I want to be… them.

Ken Lazer of Ken Lazer Casting and actor/teacher Jerry Coyle also passed along so many fantastic on-camera tips in their classes, and I’m incredibly grateful to both.

And, finally, toooooooooooomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya’, tomorrow! Tomorrow I start the sketch comedy program at Upright Citizens Brigade, eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Totally not excited about that. Nope. Acting, writing, comedy, blech.

Posted by: Josey | October 29, 2014

New Commercial VO Demo… and Headshots!

To check out my brand-new voiceover demo, please click here now. Want photos? I’ve got those, too! Just click here. Thank you for visiting and have a great day…

Posted by: Josey | July 21, 2014

Josey Miller, Voiceover in GoGurt TV Commercial

Check out my best “ninja” impression (yes, really) in the voiceover tag on the new national commercial for GoGurt Tube Chillers! It’s posted here.

To listen to my full commercial voiceover demo, please click here now.

Have you heard an ad for Tori Amos’s upcoming tour? The ads, featuring my voice, are airing now in NYC, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Toronto, DC and beyond… very exciting!

To listen to my voiceover demo, please click here now.

Posted by: Josey | January 11, 2014

Voiceovers! Wendy’s, Frontier Cable,…

Fun way to start 2014: voicing two Wendy’s commercials for Spotify! On top of that, you’ll also hear me soon in commercials for Frontier Cable and whoa-oh-oh on the radio for, an Amazon company (playing a crazy cat lady, aka “myself”). Happy New Year!

To listen to my full commercial voiceover demo, please click here now.

Posted by: Josey | November 26, 2013

Check Out This Business Insider Photo Feature!

Congratulations to F#, one of my very favorite voiceover clients, for being featured on Business Insider! I was recording the VO for a new holiday-themed Tone Body Wash commercial for Spotify when the photographer visited their (completely awesome) office… and make an appearance here on page eight.

To listen to my full commercial voiceover demo, please click here now.

Posted by: Josey | November 1, 2013

New Commercial Voiceover Demo

Please take one minute and six seconds to listen to my new commercial voiceover demo! Feedback welcome, as always… Thank you and happy Friday!

Posted by: Josey | October 29, 2013

Josey Miller on Spotify: Voiceover Talent for ABSOLUT Ad

Very excited: ABSOLUT just cast me as voiceover talent for the commercial they’ll be running on Spotify!

To listen to my full commercial voiceover demo, please click here now.

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