Posted by: Josey | July 23, 2008

San Juan Island, Outside Seattle: A Travel Tip

From Memphis to Montana, I have several U.S. destinations on my travel to-do list. At the top of that list lies Seattle. But until we take that long flight, I’m living vicariously through my friend Kristin.

During her recent trip, she hit the standard tourist attractions: Pike’s Place Market, the space needle, the very first Starbucks (oooh, ahhh).

But she also traveled north of the city… to San Juan Island for a relaxed day of bike riding―or so she thought. Her tip? Rent a scooter instead of a bike and your visit will feel much more like a vacation.

Photo courtesy of my friend Kristin (very professional of me, I know)



  1. LOVE IT! Can’t believe you picked THAT photo…I’m huffing and puffing and walking my bike up hill

  2. I live on San Juan Island and you are very brave to rent and ride a bicycle during “tourist season”. I think our population doubles or more during the summer. Come back soon and visit!!!!

  3. But that’s the whole point! :)

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