Posted by: Josey | August 10, 2008

Girls’ Getaway Weekend: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Part One)

by Josey Miller

I joined one cowgirl—the San Francisco cowgirl, Rita—at the Denver airport.

Ironically, our Denver cowgirl’s plane had left hours earlier; Elizabeth was already buying time (and a very cute fleece jacket) in our final destination. But, after coffee and catching up and a brief delay for me and Rita and said shopping for Elizabeth, the three of us were finally reunited for our girls’ getaway weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I met both Rita and Elizabeth in New York City a half a decade ago. Elizabeth was sitting on the couch during a holiday party at our mutual friend’s Hell Kitchen apartment. She laughs with her whole soul and, as soon as I heard the sound, I knew I needed it in my life. Plus, she was wearing a pair of plaid pants that could only be worn by someone with a relaxed, retro style and complete comfort in her own skin. I loved that. And then there was Rita. My friend, her neighbor, was throwing a luau party and, when I walked in, I saw a tall blonde girl with a huge smile drinking a can of Kirin out of a brown paper bag… with a straw. Simply put, how could I not be her friend? Over time, brunches and bars and rockbands and boyfriends, we—along with several other transplants from across the U.S.—found each other and formed a bond.

But then all of them with only a few exceptions—including me—moved away. Becca, from Massachusetts, moved to New Jersey. Kaitie, from Florida, moved to Pennsylvania then DC. Rita, from Pennsylvania, moved to California. Elizabeth, from North Carolina, moved to Massachusetts then Colorado. I’m from Illinois and moved to New York by way of California.

And here we were—Rita, Elizabeth and I—reunited in Wyoming… thanks to Rita’s travel to-do list goal of visiting every state.

We were greeted by this aerial view:

(To be continued.)

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