Posted by: Josey | August 16, 2008

Learning to Scuba Dive in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

I just discovered that the article I wrote about getting Scuba certified in Belize for V!VA List Latin America is online! It makes me feel pleasantly nostalgic since Belize was the first vacation Jeff and I took together:

Eddie, our instructor, left us in a small wooden room on a pier over the Caribbean Sea. Following a snack of freshly cut coconut on a picnic bench outside, the sun had started to sneak past the clouds after a hazy, rainy morning. We wanted to soak it up, but it was time to watch a video about water safety. Jeff and I didn't fly four hours from New York City to fail our Scuba certification…

(To read the rest, click here now.)



  1. Oh!!! I enjoyed finding your blog! Eddie and his wife Ina are very good friends of mine. He too taught me to dive in 2003!

  2. Hi, Keli–I’m glad you found it, too! Eddie is the BEST (even though he wore a Cubs hat… a little Chicago humor for you there). He made our trip so incredibly memorable, and Jeff and I still laugh about how he’d brag that the beers at Cholo’s were “the coldest on Ambergris Caye.” I doubt he’ll remember us, but please tell him we say hi anyway!

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