Posted by: Josey | August 20, 2008

Girls’ Getaway Weekend: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (The Final Frontier)

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by Josey Miller

“I’d sure like to buy you ladies your first Snake River Lager this evening,” Dale gallantly offered. We accepted. And over frosty beverages, Dale told us that the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is the place to go out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, especially if you want to two-step with a cowboy (hence the name).

We headed back to the housealready sore from our day of horseback riding—and considered staying in to watch Pretty Woman, which was appropriately playing on TV. (What’s better than a chick flick during a girls’ weekend?)

“Just playing the devil’s advocate here, but it is Saturday night. If we don’t check out the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, will we regret it?” Rita asked. And we all sighed… and showered and applied makeup, strapped on our dancing shoes and hopped in the car for the drive up to town—a decision we would not regret.

We started the night with salad, seafood and Sangiovese at Snake River Grill, an elegant restaurant with the warmth of a log cabin right on the Jackson Hole town square. Plus, what would a girls’ dinner be without chocolate? Ordering their Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake was yet another decision we would definitely not regret. (I may have licked the plate.)

There was no two-stepping at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar that night. (Tear.) But that didn’t keep us off the dance floor. In a sea of hats and plaid, boots and belt buckles, we city folk tried—and failed—to fit in. But we ordered a few more Snake River lagers and admired the decor.

Eventually we were each asked to dance by our very own Real Live Cowboy™. Rita’s was sweet.

Elizabeth’s? Harmless. On the Psycho Scale from one to 10, mine was off the charts, reaching for my hand to shake it—then holding it for at least five minutes longer than was even remotely comfortable. I desperately scrambled for an escape strategy. “Did someone say ‘last call’?” I asked, and—thankfully—he made a dash for the bar, while we made a dash for the door. But first we made a quick (oh-so-appropriate) stop:

The next day we moved more slowly. (We didn’t have a choice. We could barely move at all.) We sipped coffee on the deck. We drove for hours, stopping for a leisurely lunch of Dairy Queen Blizzards—because we can!—oh, yes, and in Idaho, conveniently located next-door to Wyoming (to which Rita again said, “Check!). We let the fresh air in and ogled the Switzerland-like scenery.

To sum up the final day of our Wyoming girls’ getaway, I’ll simply say… Yellowstone is vast.

Old Faithful is powerful.

Buffalo enjoy a serenade.

And the next morning three cowgirls went from home on the range… to our respective homes.


  1. Hey Josey – I love your post on Jackson Hole. I too went there with my girlfriends during a two week cross-country road trip. It was so amazing there, the people, the scenery and the town are unforgettable, if only in a strange we live in the middle of nowhere kind of way. You can check out some posts I wrote about Jackson Hole if you like on my blog Better Living Through Travel.

  2. Thank you, TravelWizard! Aren’t road trips the best? I find that everyone I encounter along the way is unforgettable for some reason or another. Speaking of which, I just read on your blog that you’re going on a road trip through Spain–including a stop in Barcelona. As you may have seen in my Nerd’s Eye View forum post, Barcelona is my very favorite place. Have so much fun!! (Take me with you?)

  3. Hi Josey! It is official…I will live my life vicariously through you. Then when my kids are all grown up and gone I’ll get my chance. I shouldn’t complain we did have a wonderful summer vacation. I wish I had the same writing talent you do. I look forward to more…….

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