Posted by: Josey | August 27, 2008

Where to Whale Watch? A Vote for Cape Cod

Did anyone else see Travel + Leisure‘s Nilou Motamed on the Today show this morning? She was discussing great off-peak travel spots, and she mentioned San Juan Island outside Seattle as her favorite destination for whale watching.

If you’re as enamored with animals as I am, whale watching would be a jaw-droppingly exciting activity for you. It certainly was for me. But if your travel plans are taking you to the East Coast instead of the West Coast, I’ll add Cape Cod to the list of possible places to capture the magic of these mammals.

Jeff and I went out with Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown, and I literally jumped up and down on the deck pointing and screaming in awe when the first whale surfaced—I couldn’t believe they’d swim so close to the boat:

Whale watching was such a thrilling, yet relaxing way to spend a summer day. But, even as we approach Labor Day weekend, it’s not too late! According to their Web site, Dolphin Fleet takes whale-watching boats out through late October. Just dress for the cool ocean breezes; even August was a bit chilly.

An entire post about whale watching without saying you’ll have “a whale of a time!” It can be done!


  1. Josey-I went to the San Juan Island outside Seattle!! That’s where those pictures of biking (or should I say walking my bike) are from! P.S. so glad you’re writing again.

  2. I know that, silly girl! I wrote about you, remember? :)

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