Posted by: Josey | September 12, 2008

My Camping Rule? One Night Only

I love spending time outdoors. I love fresh, unpolluted air. I love driving down unpaved roads. I love roasting speared hot dogs and marshmallows with a beer in the cupholder of my fold-up chair. I love sleeping in a tent under a starry country sky, even if—especially if—it’s raining.

I do not, however, enjoy daddy-longlegs spiders chaperoning my showers. On that, I will pass.

That’s why, when camping, Jeff and I follow one very important, sheltered-suburban-style rule: When it’s time to shower, it’s time to go home. And after I’ve been dousing myself with Deet, collecting sticks, using a rock as a hammer and sitting by a smoky, crackling campfire… three words come to mind: One. Night. Only.

Wimpy? Absolutely! But there’s no shame in it. I’ve had my fun. I’m moving on. See you next summer, campsite!



  1. There is NOTHING better than that first hot shower after you’ve been camping. :)

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