Posted by: Josey | September 15, 2008

He Rode His Scooter from Chicago to New York City (Part Three)

Read part one here.
Read part two here.

by Josey Miller

“What did you do to yourself?” Jeff asked.

“What, these?”

“Yeah, the big bandages on your palms.”

“Oh, well, the gas tank on my scooter only holds one gallon. So I had to stop a lot.”

One gallon? You’re kidding. How often did you have to stop?”

“Around every ninety minutes.”

“Every ninety minutes! And you were on the road for how long, four days?”


“Five. Right. Wow. So, back to your injuries.”

“So I was turning into one of the gas stations, and as I turned… left,” he tried to visualize it in his head, “I noticed a big sign on my… right, so I looked right. And then I crashed.”

“Oh no! Are you okay?” I asked in a big-sister kind of way.

“Well, everyone in the gas station pointed and laughed so that sucked. And then I filled the tank with Diesel to save money, and that was a mistake. But I’m fine.”

“So what did the sign say?” Jeff asked.

“It said FRESH PEACHES.” He motioned across with his hand.

“Did you buy some?”

“Oh yeah,” he replied to Jeff dreamily.


“Best I’ve ever eaten.”



  1. Okay if I didn’t know you I would totally think you were making up your brother’s trip. More, more, more…it is hilarious. Hey we are coming Nov. 1 but only for a few days. Put us on your calendar!

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