Posted by: Josey | September 27, 2008

When to Go to South Africa?

“Oh, you’re from South Africa? How funny. Just this morning my husband Jeff and I were trying to plan a trip there. Actually, maybe you can help! When’s the best time to go to South Africa? Based on my initial research, it’s looking like October. Does that sound right?”

“Happy to help, but that depends on what you want to do there.”

“You know, the usual: Safari. Whale watching. Cage dive with great white sharks…”

“Oh, you want to do a cage dive with great whites?”


“Because my husband did that once—took a great white cage dive tour in South Africa—and their boat almost sank in shark-infested waters.”

“…But, I mean, don’t let that stop you. I think he still enjoyed it. …Anyway, yeah, October sounds about right.”

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