Posted by: Josey | October 2, 2008

Staycation: If I Never Hear the Word Again…

A few years ago I was a guest on the iVillage Live TV show. When the host asked me for tips on keeping your relationship romantic and fun, I suggested taking what I called a hometown vacation: Go to a hotel in your area, take a dip in the pool or a bubble bath, enjoy the view or just the change of atmosphere.

Little did I know, I was talking about taking a “staycation,” which was the overused catch word of this summer due to the sky-high price of fuel. Now, if only I’d coined the term and copyrighted it… But I digress.

Last week I attended an event at the Omni Hotel in midtown Manhattan. (“And [Jess] was there! And at my table!”) I had to leave early for a dentist appoinment, but not before a cocktail hour consisting of pear vodka and mandarin mimosa tiny-tinis and gruyere puff pastries… followed by thick pea soup amuse bouche with baby croutons, pickled beets with goat cheese, braised beef and duck confit. Yes, all in one meal. And I missed dessert. Oh, and each course was served with a different wine or Champagne. (I’m loosening my belt just reminiscing about it.)

We were totally spoiled. And it was all thanks to Omni’s new “French Toast Cooking Package,” which includes:

  • Deluxe room accommodations
  • French meat and cheese plate and Champagne upon arrival
  • Saturday afternoon culinary class with the chef
  • Sumptuous French dinner
  • Wine tote and two bottles of French wine
  • Turndown service
  • Sunday morning French Toast breakfast for two
  • Rates starting at $255 per night

And if that isn’t a romantic staycation (gag) idea—especially with the unlikelihood of a trip to France anytime soon—then I don’t know what is.

Au revoir and bon appetit! (Look at me go, I’m practically fluent.)


  1. We’ve done the “staycation” thing for years and always enjoyed it, but the catch-phrase for this summer was definitely overdone. I mean really it’s just a vacation where you don’t go anywhere, why does it need a name???

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