Posted by: Josey | December 1, 2008

Hana, Maui, Hawaii: Tonight We Live Like Locals (Part Two)

Read part one here.

by Josey Miller

Jeff turned to me and leaned into my ear: “Can we not be in a fight anymore? This is too good.” We looked around the table and laughed: two yuppie vacationers amongst primarily Hana-born and –raised.

Pranee was forceful about feeding us: First we feasted on sashimi, rice, fresh whole fish on the bone and spicy papaya salad—I’m allergic to papaya, but Pranee was standing over me: “Eat! Eat!” so I dared not protest—followed by white cake topped with fresh pineapple for dessert. Then she started feeding us shots.

When I say she fed “us” shots, by “us” I mean “Jeff.” She passed around a shot glass and one bottle after another—coffee liquor, banana liquor, vodka, whiskey—unhygienically from person to person. I skipped most turns without drawing any attention, but Jeff was not nearly as lucky.

On Pranee’s 50th birthday, she and Jeff engaged in some sort of Hana fraternity hazing ritual.

Jeff was most definitely the pledge.

(To be continued.)

Read part three here.


  1. Josey – I can never read your blog without dying of laughter. Only you would end up sharing a meal on an Islanders birthday! When did you go to Hawaii?

  2. And it gets better! (To be continued……) We went to Hawaii last spring. Have you ever been there? You guys are much closer than we are!

  3. We went to Oahu right after 911. We had a wonderful time pre-kids. We are actually going to Hawaii next Christmas on a big family trip. Us, the kids, my sister and brother-in-law and my parents. My sister has a time share so we are taking advantage! Wish I was on my way right now.

  4. I can’t believe you’re pulling a “to be continued”! I nearly spit my dinner all over my laptop at the “then she started feeding us shots”. I was there, and you are nailing it! Trust me, I’ll share this with Pranee, and she’ll love it. Aloha, Sky

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