Posted by: Josey | December 9, 2008

New York City Celebrity Sighting: Nina Garcia

“Nina Garrrrcia. Nina Garrrrcia,” Jeff repeats each time I watch Project Runway. I visited the Hearst building near Columbus Circle in New York City this afternoon, where Nina Garrrrcia and I shared an elevator… just the two of us. I said hello. She rolled her eyes and primped her shampoo-commercial hair in the elevator mirror.

But I still think the encounter warrants bragging rights, no? (No.)



  1. serious bragging rights!!!! you are the queen of celeb spotting – i’m so jealous. i can’t believe she didn’t respond to you. whatever, you’re so much cooler!

  2. Ugh, she rolled her eyes? Just because she knows Heidi Klum she thinks she’s all that…LOL

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