Posted by: Josey | December 22, 2008

Grand Palladium Colonial, Kantenah, Mexico

“Consider it like medicine,” Jeff’s dad suggested.

And we stopped hesitating and realized that someday we would look back and be grateful we took his advice.

That’s the catch about writing a travel blog. (There’s always a catch, right?) Sometimes you have to take a break from blogging to… well… travel.

But, after saving at least $30 tonight by making my way from Queens into Manhattan via the JFK Airtrain and the A subway line, instead of a taxi, I’m back.

I may even spend the next few hours dreaming in Spanish.



  1. If the only catch to writing a travel blog is that you occasinoally have to lay on the beach, sign me up. :)

  2. Ha! I meant it’s a “catch” for you, dear reader(s)–not for me!

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