Posted by: Josey | December 24, 2008

Home for Christmas

Twinkle lights, glowing: framing the window to a rainy day. Let it rain. Let it rain. Let it rain. Umbrellas bobbing below. The kitty: Curled up in her cat bed. She always finds the one sunny spot, even on an otherwise gloomy day. The fish: Chasing each other around under a the trickle of the filter. Fuzzy socks. Espresso: percolating in my favorite Bialetti coffee maker. Reminiscent of Spain. Cell phone: Lit with a text message. Teagan Elizabeth was born Christmas Eve day at 12:58am. Baby and Lindsay doing great. I’ll leave shortly to meet the little girl on the day she was born.

But, in the meantime, my third annual “Stuff This” holiday CD from Kaitie and Michael spins:

Oh, but this year is better for you and for me.
Our own little miracle on our own little street.
Never before have I loved “Silent Night” so.
But now that you’re here by my side…
Baby, it is. Baby, it is.
It really is a wonderful life.

Full and hopeful, I love this time of year: here, there and everywhere.

Happy holidays indeed.


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