Posted by: Josey | January 2, 2009

Stylin’: Old Spitalfields Market, London (Part One)

“I need major style help here,” I said to Jeff, a bit discouraged, as we walked through the Born district of Barcelona.

“Well, who are our most stylish friends?” Jeff asked.

We looked at each other, and it was unanimous: “David and Lia.” Fortunately we’d be dining with them just two days later in their adopted hometown of London, England.

David and Lia are artists from the tip of David’s jet black/sometimes blonde spikes to the bottom of Lia’s stilettos. They express their creativity constantly through their chosen professions and hobbies. (David was a chef, is now a creative strategist/marketing director, and he just found someone to produce his latest album. Lia is wrapping up a Ph.D. in fine arts and recently exhibited her photography in NYC.)

While I am a musician and a wannabe photographer/painter, I have never been a shopper. Most recently, I was editing and writing about risqué subject matter in Corporate America, a challenging juxtaposition in itself. (I was even on live national television as a “sex expert.” Watch here.) Now couple that with the fact that I would have been less than comfortable covering it in a more modern office environment, and you’ll begin to understand why I overcompensated with borderline-boring outfits: black trousers, high necklines, low ponytails. That is, until someone I wanted desperately to impress—someone who’s in the position to give me my dream job with the snap of her fingers and a smile—gently and accurately told me I need a makeover. “It’s the best feedback I give because it’s so easy to fix,” she said.

So I began one of my New Year’s resolutions—to have more fun with fashion—early… starting with some direction from David and Lia.

(To be continued.)

Update: Read part two here.


  1. I think every woman, at least every “regular” woman secretly wants a makeover. Good luck having fun with yours!

  2. Thank you! Anyone can do it, too. In fact, one of the suggestions she gave me was moving the part in my hair: so simple, yet so effective. :)

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