Posted by: Josey | January 6, 2009

Stylin’: Old Spitalfields Market, London (Part Three)

Read part one here.
Read part two here.

As promised, here are photos of the items I purchased at Old Spitalfields Market in London (for a grand total of less than $100 USD!):



So, how did I do?


  1. Love the flower pin

  2. They’re all beautiful and definitely eye-catching–you didn’t get any clothes though?

  3. Not that day. That day was more about punching up my basics with accessories. I did pick up some pewter metallic,. pointy-toe flats at Bloomingdales the other day with Hanukkah gift credit, though (on the clearance rack PLUS 50% off–shhh, don’t tell anyone)!

  4. Josey’s got a blog! Thank god LinkedIn told me because you sure didn’t. Pimp yourself out already! So a makeover, huh? Just as I finished reading this, I saw Ann Curry on TV and I thought, she kinda looks like Josey, and has a similar style. Maybe you should channel her look here: Hee hee. Just kidding. I’m so curious about this makeover advice, though. What else did they tell you to do besides part your hair differently?

  5. Ann Curry is gorgeous, quite a compliment.

  6. i have missed you

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