Posted by: Josey | January 26, 2009

All-American Sandwich Night (with a Pittsburgh-ish Twist)

If you’ve ever visited Pittsburgh, one of the most underrated cities in the U.S., there’s a good chance you’ve sampled a Primanti Brothers sandwich. Then again, the word “sampled” implies that their sandwiches are “small,” which they most certainly are not. After all, they do include French fries… between the slices of bread, not next to them.

The other night, Jeff and I had an All-American sandwich night. We raided our refrigerator for a sandwich-accoutrement spread and each went our own way: Jeff dove for the bacon, butter, American cheese and tomato. (“I’m on a health kick,” he explained.) I opted for turkey, Swiss, tomato, lettuce, mayo and horseradish deli mustard. But it looked a bit… boring.

And then I flashed back to Primanti Brothers: French fries! That’s what it needed. I warmed them up in the toaster and layered them strategically for a little cheese-melting action:


So what if we only had sweet-potato fries? I still think it turned out pretty well—don’t you? (Check out Jeff’s sandwich in the background. Doesn’t mine make his look wimpy?)



  1. ummm hmmm good!

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