Posted by: Josey | February 22, 2009

A Scuba Diving Expert’s (Surprising) Top Diving Destinations


I’m not sure what caught my eye in the very back of the room at the NY Times Travel Show that drew me to the Scuba diving table. Maybe it was the large Scuba flag. Or maybe it was the ten-foot-long, 5-foot-tall live-demonstration water tank. Regardless, I stopped by to speak with Jeff Mohr of for ideas on where to Scuba dive next.

Without hesitation, he voted for Bonaire in the Caribbean as his favorite place for Scuba diving in the world. He said that, year-round, the visibility is 80-100 feet and the water temperature is an average of 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit*. Plus, there’s a marine park surrounding the entire island. His favorite Bonaire dive shops are Captain Don’s Habitat and Buddy Dive.

I’ve always seen Australia, Maldives, Malaysia, Egypt, Fiji and Galapagos on lists of the top dive destinations, so I wasn’t expecting Jeff the Scuba Expert to chose Bonaire. But he was just full of surprises: When I pressed him for his second favorite (drum roll please)… he shocked me with Lake Michigan! He told me about some spectacular wreck dives off Sheboygan, Wisconsin (and assured me that summer temperatures reach upwards of 60 degrees Fahrenheit—HA).

Then again, perhaps we should be taking his Scuba suggestions with a grain of salt: Jeff also goes ice diving—yes, you read that right—in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin. For fun.

*Is there a word you have come to accept you will just never, ever be able to spell without a dictionary. “Fahrenheit” is mine.


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  2. Great blog Josey. I have heard Bonaire pop up on a few diver’s top lists. Being from Tasmania, a gorgeous little isle at the southern most point of Australia, we have the pleasure of frolicking in temperate waters all year round. I would have to argue that some of Australia’s (if not the world’s) best diving can be found down here.

    Even though vis tops out at 25m in the best conditions, cruising through giant kelp forests with weedy sea dragons, swimming with southern right whales and dolphins for hours, and finding that elusive spotted handfish or red velvet fish is an amazing experience.

    Everyone should place Tasmania on their wish list of dive sites!

  3. Thank you, Ben! My personal top diving experiences took place in Bora Bora and on the Big Island of Hawaii. In Hawaii, we did a dive while we were waiting for the sun to go down for our manta night dive–and that one, when it was still light out, was my absolute favorite: several mantas, garden eels, a giant puffer, tons of tropical fish… Amazing.

  4. Try Maldives, the water is crystal clear and you can see a variety of fish like manta rays, sharks and even a few shipwrecks along the coral reefs.

  5. Oh man, I’m dying to check out Maldives! (You buyin’?)

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