Posted by: Josey | February 25, 2009

Kenya: Africa’s Hottest New Tourism Destination?

“There is just a mystic power in the way Barack Obama stands and the way he affects people,” Kenya native Joseph Mwangi of CKC Safaris proudly explained when I stopped by the NY Times Travel Show’s Kenya tourism table. “Plus, he’s free publicity for our country!” Mwangi told me there’s been a new wave of interest in visiting Kenya since the election. And he wants to assure potential visitors that the tourist areas are “entirely peaceful.”

If Mwangi (Joseph? Joe?) is any indication of what the people are like in Kenya, consider it added to my travel to-do list. He radiated with warmth and laughed a lot—he even insisted that I couldn’t leave the booth without a gift: a brightly colored, striped scarf that says Kenya, just like the one he was wearing. We were fast friends and, as much as I’d like to take credit, I don’t think I had anything to do with it.


When I visit Africa, I hope to… view wildlife on a safari, go cage-diving with great white sharks and go whale-watching. What would you do while traveling in Africa? Does the idea of such a long flight make you nervous?


  1. I have friends who recently went on safari in South Africa and loved it. That country would also present you with great whites.

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