Posted by: Josey | March 4, 2009

Beach Fashion: A Swimsuit Tip

I prefer to be active when I’m outdoors in warm weather. While it would undoubtedly make more sense for me to just wear a one-piece to the pool and the beach, I just love the flirty style of a bikini.

Since I’m not a big spender, I head to Old Navy to pay $16.50 per piece; they usually last at least two summers. There’s just one problem: that darn lining. It shifts. It folds. It crinkles. So, with my latest purchases, I’ve tried something new: I sewed the lining down in hopes of keeping them to stay put. I only used a few tiny stitches in each corner of the foam to connect it to the swimsuit itself, but I’m hoping it will do the trick. I’ll let you know how it goes.

A friend of mine always sews together the bottom-center corners of the triangles of her bikinis for a cleavage-enhancing effect. What’s your swimsuit trick? What do you do to avoid embarrassing beach-garb blunders?

By the way, this is one of my new ensembles—top and bottom. It’s a tad itsy-bitsier than my usual choice of styles because, according to the Frommers guide to Rio de Janeiro beaches, “No matter how funky or fashionably teeny your swimsuit looked up north, on a Rio beach it’s guaranteed to scream gringo.” When in Rio



  1. You write interesting posts. I like it :-)

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