Posted by: Josey | March 20, 2009

Spring Has Arrived in New York City! …Or Has It?

Last night, as I walked around Washington Square Park in New York City’s Greenwich Village, I noticed a tree—with yellow flowers! Spring is here at last, I thought. Then I noticed a dirty plastic bag tangled in one of the branches and thought, It’s spring in New York City… but it’s still spring! Spring is here at last.

Then this morning I looked out my window and… it’s snowing.

So much for spring.

While we’re on the subject of weather… As I walked up MacDougal Street, I worked my way through a large crowd. The people were watching a movie being filmed, which isn’t out of the ordinary in this neighborhood. But I don’t blame them for staring (in fact, even I was asked to “KEEP MOVING” by a PA): There was an enormous crane spilling water down from about fifty feet in the air. It gave the effect of pouring rain over the two unidentifiable actors under their umbrellas—but only in the five-foot-square area where they were shuffling along the sidewalk. I always wondered how they did that…



  1. I always wondered that, too! Our weather is fickle here as well, while we haven’t had snow it’s teasing us by encouraging us to buy spring/summer clothes one day and then being too cold to wear them for several days after!

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