Posted by: Josey | April 2, 2009

A Money-Saving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Travel Tip

Want to make a Rio de Janeiro bellhop happy? When he asks you where you want to go, and he tells you the taxi fare for that trip, agree to pay it. But if you’re smart, you’ll politely insist that the taxi driver uses the meter. You’ll save a lot-o-cash.

“It will be 80R to Lapa,” our bellhop told us.

“We want him to use the meter please,” I responded.

“Okay, fine, you drive a hard bargain. 60R.”

“We want him to use the meter please,” I responded.

He smiled opened the door for us, and we thanked him and wished him a good night. And, using the meter, the trip cost us 32R, 40 percent of the original asking price. We felt victorious for not falling into this common tourist trap—and we spent our savings on pineapple caipirinhas.


  1. so what if he’s right about it being cheaper?

  2. Feel free to take your chances, Irvn; it’s your money. In my experience, he never was. ;)

  3. you are one savvy traveler!

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