Posted by: Josey | April 7, 2009

“World’s Best Hotel Beds” by Josey Miller (

World’s Best Hotel Beds
by Josey Miller

Reading, studying, working, robotically flicking through late-night television programming… If you’ve completely forgotten what beds are really for, a great hotel bed can be an excellent refresher course. There’s something so exhilarating about hotel beds: They feel foreign, even risqué—and lying in them feels like trespassing. It would be a sin to spend all of your time in a hotel bed doing only the ordinary: You can do better than catch up on Will and Grace reruns, can’t you?

Yes, yes, yes! In fact, without so much as lifting your head off your pillow, you can sightsee. You can stargaze. You can play Superman. You can relive legendary moments in musical history—and we’re just getting started.

In these fantasy hotel beds, you’ll kick up your feet, rest your travel-weary self, and stare at much more than just the ceiling. These beds think outside the box springs—and they’re what dreams are really made of.

To read my full article on (and browse the spectacular photos), click here now.



  1. Not that I didn’t already know this but you are an amazingly talented writer my friend.

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