Posted by: Josey | April 21, 2009

Free in NYC: Rare Salvador Dalí Drawings on Display in Soho

One of the classes I took when I was studying in Barcelona was “Spanish Art History.” Unsurprisingly, my eccentric teacher (who was married to my Don Quijote-obsessed literature teacher, also eccentric) focused a good portion of the semester on surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. One weekend I even took the 80-plus-mile train ride up to Figueres, in northern Cataluña near the Spain-France border, to explore the painter’s hometown and the egg-headed museum in his honor. (Click here for Dalí Museum visitor information.)

So imagine my surprise when, on the walk to my latest New York City consulting project the other day, I stumbled upon a Soho gallery featuring an exhibit called “Dalí: The Rare Prints and Drawings.” And not only that: On a phone call this morning, a William Bennett Gallery representative told me they’re currently expanding the exhibition to incorporate even more of his work. Entering the gallery is free—and they’ll be displaying the pieces through summer.

William Bennett Gallery
65 Greene Street, New York City


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