Posted by: Josey | May 6, 2009

Great Barrier Reef “Best Job in the World” Awarded (Not to Me)

Lucky bloody bastard! I may have made a solid case, but apparently it wasn’t convincing enough to win the “Best Job in the World” on Hamilton Island in Australia. Instead, Tourism Queensland chose Ben Southall, a 24-year-old British wankerbloke out of 34,684 total applicants. Most recently he worked as a charity fundraiser concentrating on African countries. (Of course he did. Naturally.) His new role involves sailing, snorkelling, SCUBA diving, sunning himself and posting the resulting photographs on his blog.

A mighty self-indulgent so-called job, wouldn’t you say, Mr. Charity Man? Don’t you think you should be charitable and let me do it instead??

Call me.


  1. I think he should be charitable and let ME do it instead! ;)

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