Posted by: Josey | May 26, 2009

Ask Josey: A Creative New York City Bridal Shower Idea

Dear Josey,

I loved reading your New York City bachelorette party ideas. But what about a New York City bridal shower? We want to do something different.

Thank you,

Dear RHC,

Your timing is perfect: I just learned about a creative idea for either a NYC bridal shower or a low-key NYC bachelorette party. Lunessa Designer Jewelry in Soho—100 Thompson Street to be exact—hosts jewelry-making parties for up to six people. The $495 cost includes wine, light snacks, candles, music, basic tools, supplies and personalized instruction. It’s such a fun, feminine way to bond with your bridesmaids—and the goodie bags are built in! For an extra fee, you can add elements such as precious gemstones, flower centerpieces, a psychic tea-leaf reader, a masseuse, a henna tattoo artist, t-shirts, and an event photographer/videographer.


Have more travel questions? Ask away! If I don’t know the answer to your travel question myself, I’ll do your research for you.


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