Posted by: Josey | June 3, 2009

10 Things NOT to Do in New York City, Plus: 4 More NYC Travel Tips

The “What NOT to Do in New York City” article idea has been bouncing around my brain for way too long. And, alas, the smarties at beat me to it. To read their insightful full article, you can click here now. But, unsurprisingly, I’d like to add some commentary:

  1. They recommend eating at the River Café in Brooklyn for the best view of the city. But I had one of the most miserable meals of my life there. (Hello, attitude!) A better option? The Chart House in Weehawken, NJ. Get there by taking the NY Waterway ferry.
  2. Yes, they’re right: You should absolutely take the subway over an expensive pedi-cab. But there’s something to be said for staying above ground. So why not take the bus? In fact, you can pick up the M5 at Central Park South, admire luxurious upper-Fifth-Avenue stores like this one and sight-see all the way down into my beloved Greenwich Village in about a half hour for only $2.
  3. They love the Manhattan view from the Rainbow Room, and I agree. But then there’s this other (more unconventional) spot to take in the view… and it’s FREE.
  4. They love the cannolis at Rocco’s Bakery on Bleecker Street. But, if you’re more of an ice cream person like I am, cross the street for gelato from Cones. (One scoop dark chocolate, one scoop banana, Is this heaven?)
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