Posted by: Josey | June 26, 2009

Da Bearsss…?

Woman Walking Past Me on the Sidewalk: “Excuse me, do you know where the F train is?”

Josey (noticing woman’s Chicago Bears sweatshirt): “Hey, you’re from Chicago?”

Woman: “I am! You, too? We should hang out!”

Josey: “Uh, yeah, totally. So the F train…”

Woman: “What’s your e-mail address?”

Josey: “I, um, hm, I don’t have a card on me. Do you have a card?”

Woman: “No, but you can find me on the Web site”

Josey: “ Yeah. Okay then.”

Woman: “I’m an escort. So what’s your e-mail?”

Josey: “Well, I’ll send you an e-mail through your Web site, and, y’know, then you’ll have mine.”

Woman: “Oh, okay. Well, but, I doubt my pimp will forward e-mails to me.”

Josey: “I’m pretty persuasive. I’ll give it a shot. Hopefully he will. Now about that F train…”

*Web site name changed to protect the knee caps of the innocent.



  1. Are you serious?!?! Way to pick up the escort!

  2. only you Josey…. ROFLMAO ;)

  3. Thanks, K! And, Z… seriously…

  4. That is fantastic, I am really enjoying your posts.

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