Posted by: Josey | August 27, 2009

Josey Miller THE VOICEOVER DEMO Has Arrived!

Do you use voiceover talent? Do know anyone who uses voiceover talent? Do you know anyone who once had a job that used voiceover talent and they don’t work there anymore, but maybe they still keep in touch with people who still work there? Then THIS POST IS FOR YOU. Please click here now to listen to my shiny, new voiceover demo… and play it for your friends (or strangers… really, anyone who will listen)! Thank you!



  1. Absolutely fabulous, like you. I would not expect anything less, my dear. I will also send it to the people in my contact list ;)

  2. Perfection! What a great speaking voice! Lots of luck with this venture. You could sell a lot of products for the lucky company has you representing their product.

  3. Fabulous!!!

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