Posted by: Josey | September 13, 2009

Flashback to Brazil: Moqueca Fish Stew (with Photos!)

The souvenir Jeff brought home from Brazil was a parasite I named Bartholomew. When he thinks of Brazil, it’s Bartholomew that first comes to mind… despite all the fun we had while we were there: samba dancing, hang-gliding, sunning ourselves against a backdrop of Ipanema peaks. So I’m trying to remind him: Last night I cooked moqueca, a traditional fish stew with coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, lime and garlic, which we enjoyed at the Garota de Ipanema restaurant. [NOTE: Garota de Ipanema may sell t-shirts, but it’s not nearly as touristy as I expected it to be. ALSO NOTE: If the waiter seems surprised when you and your travel buddy each order your own entrée, it’s because most items on their menu are intended for two people to share. Boy, oh, boy, did we feast…]

We took poetic license and added peas.

With the side dishes we chose—fried plantains, rice, black beans, and zucchini—the spread was so filling I only ate half of what I’d served myself. Jeff, on the other hand, earned the Clean Plate Award. As always.

To continue our Brazil theme week, I will have my hair Brazilian Straightened on Wednesday. Is that dedication or what?

More Meals (with Photos):

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