Posted by: Josey | September 22, 2009

Swimming with the Largest Shark in the World: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“The jellyfish, they are new today,” reassured our guide who called himself Gato, or Cat… though it hardly reassured us. After all, knowing they were “new today” wouldn’t have weakened the sting of their tentacles had we not contorted our bodies, ducked our heads and hollowed our torsos. The school of glow-in-the-dark-waters jellyfish reminded me of an exhibit at the local aquarium. But they stood between our swim with the largest shark in the world—over 100 of them, in fact—and the boat where we could rest our tired limbs.

Have you ever been whale watching? Been in awe of the massive creatures alongside your boat? Did you want to jump in?

That’s what it’s like to swim with the whale sharks off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It looks a little like this:

Josey_NOWGato: “Josey, no more waiting. You must jump in NOW.” Josey: “But, but, but…???”


JEFF_TURN_AROUNDJosey wildly flailed her arms, but Jeff refused to turn around. Later he explained that, if he was going to be eaten by a shark, he’d rather not see it coming. Fair enough.


  1. you know some of this stuff isnt true and thats why I hate when people lie on the internet and might want to know what is the biggest shark in the world but this one looks real and thats why you should tell the truth and you will get awsome commets

  2. you know people lie and it’s so annoying and thats why I think yours is cool becuase it doesn’t look fake and its real and some times people need to know what s the biggest shark in the world

  3. Hi, Abby–
    You’re right, it’s definitely real!
    Thanks for the fun comments and happy New Year,

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