Posted by: Josey | October 7, 2009

Slim Pickings at Hillview Farms Apple Orchard, Gillette, NJ

Josey Miller is really glad she’s not out in this hurricane!” my Facebook status announced on that thunderous day in late July. But, while I was cozied up with a book and a cat or two, the situation wasn’t nearly as peaceful at my favorite apple orchard: Hail pelted down against the apples while the wind knocked them into each other—nearly an entire season’s worth of the farmers’ fruit, destroyed. So the pickings were slim at our annual apple excursion, but the view was as spectacular as ever (hence the name). And we were extra-protective of the winner we found in the pumpkin patch.



  1. That’s hilarious!

  2. Call me nosey but why do you have a carseat? lol

  3. Hey, Ang! We are proud Auntie and Uncle to a cute li’l guy named Nathan–and Jeff shares the car with Nate’s dad.

  4. I was feeling nosy too! Glad I have missed some big announcement since we saw you last. By the way we won’t get to have our annual reunion because we aren’t coming out for the marathon this year. :-(

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