Posted by: Josey | February 13, 2010

Valentine’s Day at White Castle

Last Valentine’s Day I woke up to a note: “Be ready for a Mexican pre-party at 6:30pm sharp!” Mexican food, I thought—yum! That had been my only clue to our surprise dinner plans, after all. When Jeff walked in the door from his day of business school classes, he whipped out a bottle of Patron and started pouring.

“One more?” he prodded.

“C’mon, just one more,” he teased.

We walked to the nearest subway station to catch a train uptown, and he told me we’d disembark at… Penn Station? That’s odd. It isn’t exactly the ritziest neighborhood in Manhattan. Hardly known for its restaurants. Were we hopping another train to New Jersey maybe? Nope. I trudged up the stairs to the street, following Jeff, confused. “Are we lost?” I asked.

But suddenly there it was. I’d heard rumors. My heart fluttered. Could it really be?

Yes! Valentine’s Day table service at White Castle! I shrieked and leapt to hug Jeff. And then my expression changed.

“Wait, then why a ‘Mexican pre-party’?”

“Well, yesterday I told my friends at business school that I’d made our Valentine’s Day dinner reservation at White Castle, and they convinced me that you’d hate it. I wanted to increase the odds of you finding it funny. I got nervous!”

As much as I love tequila, Jeff could’ve trusted his gut. Clearly he knows me better than his friends do. “Are you kidding? Can I order the chicken rings? And a chocolate milkshake?”

“You can order anything you want, baby.” And that’s exactly what we did… for a grand total of $19.

Will delicious, budget-conscious history repeat itself tomorrow? Let’s just say, my hints have been less than subtle.



  1. $19 at White Castle!?!?! That’s enough to feed a small country. What the hell did you order? Maybe the prices are a little steeper in New York.

  2. In mah belleh!

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