Posted by: Josey | March 23, 2010

Close Encounter of the Serpentine Kind: The Puff Adder, Poisonous Snake in South Africa

During the safari segment of our trip to South Africa, we decided the term “Big 5” is really just a marketing ploy. It started as a way to classify the most dangerous animals to hunt, but doesn’t really apply to tourists. After all, viewing giraffes, hippos and cheetahs (not in the “Big 5”) was just as exciting as viewing elephants, lions and rhinos (in the “Big 5”). We also caught glimpses of stunningly beautiful (non-“Big 5”) birds, such as the bee-eater and the kingfisher.

And then there was this close encounter with the (non-“Big 5”) puff adder, one of South Africa’s most poisonous snakes, which I caught on video. It led to a conversation about the various types of snake bites and how difficult they are to treat, especially from remote game reserves, where you’d require an emergency air lift. Perhaps we should have learned about this potentially havoc-wreaking reptile from more of a distance…


  1. Too close for comfort for me! Yowie!

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