Posted by: Josey | April 29, 2010

An Anniversary at Balthazar, NYC: Three Years of Marriage, Three Tiers of Seafood

“I feel like I’m in an eating competition,” I groaned. “I should be hosting Woman vs. Food.” I considered a walk around the block and eyed a crab leg, debating dunking it in water like Joey Chestnut would with a hot dog bun at the annual Nathan’s contest.

“Honestly, if I were to pick up one of these oyster or mussel shells and find that the chef accidentally gave us an empty, I’d be so happy,” Jeff groaned back.

“You’re doing great! Keep at it!” cheered our waitress, clearly smug that she’d up-sold us into a seafood tower that only would have been suitable for an anniversary celebration if we were in a polygamist marriage. When she and a TEAM of server colleagues served us the three tiers—oysters, clams, ceviche (filler), mussels, king crab legs, lobster, shrimp—and a stack of FOUR BOWLS EACH for shells, people stared and whispered. And we laughed. After all, it was us against the Le Balthazar seafood Tower of Power, and we were going to lose. But we would be losers together!

I committed a blogger sin and forgot our camera, so this photo will have to do. TO SCALE.

And here’s a picture I just found on Flickr of five strangers, FIVE GROWN MEN, eating the same Le Balthazar seafood Tower of Power that Jeff and I (almost) conquered. I will never eat shellfish again. Until this weekend.

Balthazar Restaurant
80 Spring Street (Soho), New York City



  1. Happy anniversary, Josey! That is an INSANE amount of seafood, but I’m glad to hear you almost powered through. And now I’m hungry; why did I read this just before lunch? :)

  2. Ha… Thank you, Amy!

  3. Impressive! And Happy Anniversary again!

  4. Thank you! I actually referenced your sweet card in my toast. :)

  5. I love the picture superimposed on the three tier seafood platter, hilarious! What a feast! Sounds like fun though, you guys are troopers. Now I can’t wait to have a meal at Bathazar’s again!

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