Posted by: Josey | April 30, 2010

Celebrity Sighting: Matthew Broderick in the West Village of NYC

I didn’t mean to give him a dirty look, I really didn’t. But, when I spotted Matthew Broderick walking along W. 4th Street near Jones Street in a t-shirt and hoodie sweatshirt, I noticed his face and then his cigarette, and the disappointed tsk-tsk face that followed was automatic. I may have self-righteously shaken my head and everything. Because, sure, you can “I’m not a role model” all you want, but you’re still the father of three. (P.S. Would you ever have guessed that Ferris Bueller is almost fifty?)

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  1. I saw him recently also and he was smoking. While I didn’t give him a dirty look, I was kind of disappointed. He has young children and his father died of cancer when he was in his early 50’s. Tough habit to break for sure, but it has to be done!!

  2. Thank you, JJ! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one. :)

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