Posted by: Josey | May 3, 2010

Hey, Farmer Farmer: It’s Farmers’ Market Season in New York State

Farmer’s market season is here: a symbol that now the games of spring and summer can really begin. It was the first of 2010 in Hamilton, New York this past Saturday, and I was there to browse the many booths of fresh honey, herbs and jams, jewelry and ceramics. But the highlight was watching all the vendors cheerfully greet each other by name with a sense of relief that they’d survived another long, cold winter.

Last year (in addition to the New York City Union Square farmers’ market, of course), I spent time at those in Ithaca, New York and Woodstock, New York; I try to go to markets wherever I travel. And, if there were a prize for Best Farmers’ Market Ever, I’d place my vote on free-spirited Ithaca. Local wines, cheeses and crafts, Gimme! coffee, crates overflowing with plump produce in vivid greens, reds and purples… I was only in town for two days, and I went twice!

Snack on sweet and crunchy snap peas from the Mandeville Farm stand while you walk around (pictured: Ithaca).

Every year I pick up fresh basil and mint plants in Union Square (pictured: Ithaca).

Enjoy your breakfast or lunch to the sounds of live music by the lake (pictured: Ithaca).

I picked up some carrots at this farm stand from New Paltz, New York the town where Jeff and I were married (pictured: Woodstock).

Market regret! I really should have bought that Flamenco dancer painting (pictured: Woodstock).

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