Posted by: Josey | July 22, 2010

Josey Miller in the Washington Post: Where Agriculture Meets Artistry

“It was six years ago that my husband, Jeff, introduced me to the tranquil Upstate New York towns on and near Route 20, between Lake George and the Finger Lakes. That’s where he attended Colgate University in the 1990s, and his tour there was colored by characters: Norm, who would cut his hair for $4 and also sold eggs; Crazy Eddie, who taught guitar out of a garage; and Mrs. F., a fraternity’s house-mom, who would storm to her trailer home whenever she felt underappreciated — only to be lured back with a copy of Soap Opera Digest. Back then we crashed a neighborhood pancake breakfast, drank dollar drafts, sipped milkshakes in an ice-cream stand parking lot. Southern Madison County and its apple-pie Fourth of July parades seemed sweet, for certain. But sophisticated? Decidedly not. So when I heard about the burgeoning art scene there, I was skeptical, and scheduled a tour of my own…”

Want to read my new article about Southern Madison County, New York? Head to your local newsstand on Sunday, pick up a copy of the Washington Post and flip to the travel section.

I was also the photographer on this story, but I don’t know which of the shots I submitted they chose; I’ll post a few that didn’t make the cut as soon as I find out.

Update: Here are a few additional photos…

The Barge Canal coffeehouse—where Colgate University students and professors mingle with local artists and farmers, according to their Web site—showcases the work of local and national musicians, photographers, painters… and quilters.

Stroll through downtown Hamilton, New York.

Lauri Tomberlin Shoemaker and her partner Cleve Shoemaker moved Evergreen Gallery to Hamilton from nearby Bouckville, where they opened nearly 20 years ago.

Artist Jon Iannitti holds down the fort at MAD Art, a community art space.

“I love our summer art fairs,” said resident Nicki Donlin. “You’ll see a tractor drive by while admiring impressive local crafts. It’s really unique.”



  1. Josey, I wish I had known you were in Hamilton. Let me know when you are again. I will show you around the Hamilton Center for the Arts at 10 Broad Street on the Village Green. We have a gallery and performance space; dance and art studios. We offer classes and programs for children, teens and adults. I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

  2. More Cazenovia area art:

    might be of interest, thanks.

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