Posted by: Josey | September 20, 2010

Butterfly Photos: Before the Monarchs Migrate to Mexico

“Monarchs undergo a strenuous life cycle. The insects, which weigh less than half a gram, fly 2,000 miles to Mexico to spend the winters high in the mountains. In the spring, they make their way to Texas where they breed and die. The next generation hatches and makes its way to New Jersey, where the cycle repeats and a subsequent brood migrates to Quebec before cold weather sends them south to Jersey again.”

After reading about this monarch butterfly migration, I took a newly enlightened interest in the butterfly bushes that grow like weeds behind my husband’s childhood home in Essex County, New Jersey. It always amazes us how the bushes are so true to their name—How do the butterflies know? we often ooh and ahh—but this weekend I took an even closer look at the Halloween-colored former caterpillars… through my camera lens:

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