Posted by: Josey | November 10, 2010

New York City Marathon 2010: Photos

HIP HIP, GO CHIP!, I scribbled in green Sharpie bubble letters. I was riding the 4 train up to 86th Street, using a silver pole as the hard surface behind my piece of cardboard, trying to keep my balance—armed with my camera and a bagel.

What do Al Roker, Superman, Jared the Subway guy, Waldo, the Easter bunny and Elvis have in common? I watched them all run the 2010 New York City Marathon on Sunday. Some flaunted an impressive bounce in their step, while others trudged or limped. But hopefully all of them crossed the finish line at Columbus Circle, 8.7 then 2.2 miles from the spots where I stood.

And this year I found myself especially touched by something new. In addition to the cheerleaders from all over the world shouting out names they read on moving-target t-shirts and tank tops and the racers’ fortitude in itself, which goes without say, I felt a lump in my throat with every tearful street-side reunion: the dismissal of any loss of momentum because the boost from that hug from brother or boyfriend or best friend would compensate twofold.

I also swelled at seeing participants capturing pictures of the crowd and the route and themselves in self-portraits, all while chipping away at the distance, so as not to forget a single image from the day they’d trained so hard to experience. There was that little boy who repeatedly asked his dad, “Will Mommy get a medal? They’ll give her a medal, right?” And, of course, there was the heckler who dragged himself by me, noticed by poster and somehow mustered the energy to yell, “HIP HIP? I’m gonna need a hip replacement after this!”

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  1. Does this mean that Michael ran the marathon?

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