Posted by: Josey | December 15, 2010

Cafe Versailles: Miami… Airport? Yes!

Why, when everyone else is seeking out non-stop flights, am I praying for flights with a stop… in Miami? Then why, while everyone else at the airport is frantically scrambling to their respective gates, am I strolling the halls casually… with, perhaps, the occasional blissful bell kick? Why do I melt into one of the few empty plastic seats and send a text stating: “Happiness is… [SIP] Sorry, where was I?”

Cafe Versailles cafe con leche.

The Miami airport kiosks may not compare, by way of atmosphere, to a freestanding Cafe Versailles location. But it’s no secret that caffeine is my drug of choice, and there’s no tastier tributary than the sweet and creamy Cuban cafe con leche at Cafe Versailles (near gate 45).

Now if only I could sample the real deal down in Cuba…

Maybe someday.

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