Posted by: Josey | December 21, 2010

Celebrity Sighting: Liza Minnelli in New York City

That is by far the best Judy Garland impersonator I’ve ever heard, I thought to myself, as I rushed through Washington Square Park on my way to book club. But, as the voice on the microphone grew louder, I noticed that a large crowd had gathered. “And the next yeeahhhhhr and the year aftahhhhhhh and the year AFTAHHHHH,” the woman pledged her continued support to the fight against AIDS in an alto that boomed with vibrato.

Liza. Minnelli. THE Liza Minnelli. No. Way.

Eager to share the sighting, I picked up my phone and called Jeff.

Josey: “…And I heard this voice! And it sounded like Judy Garland! And…”

Jeff: “Cool! It was Judy Garland?”

Josey: “Jeff, Judy Garland’s been dead for forty years.”

Jeff: “Oh. So who was it?”

Josey (sounding more like Oprah): “Liza… Minnnelliiiiii!”

Jeff: “Wow, nice. So but, why did you think it was Judy Garland? That’s weird.”

Josey: “Oh, this story’s so lost on you. That’s it, I give up. I’m calling your mother.”

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  1. This sounds exactly like a conversation I would have with my husband in this situation!

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