Posted by: Josey | January 19, 2011

Not-So-Live Blogging Today’s Radio Tour

6:50am (via Twitter)—”Whoa-oh-oh on the radio all day today! Look out, Seattle, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver, Portland… Hey, I should make t-shirts.”

7am—”Hello, Vancouver!”

7:26am (via e-mail)—”Oh, good morning, editor: Did I write just write ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its?’ I meant ‘ITS.’ Waiter, more coffee si vous plait!”

7:29am (via Twitter)—”[I do] not speak French, but may try one interview with a French accent. How would zay know??? Fine, zay might know. (Or is that German?)”

8:08am—Print that research!

8:11am—Catch that kitten!

8:15am—”Hello, Seattle!”

8:22am—Send e-mail entitled “8:25am Update.”

8:25am (via e-mail)—”P.S. In case you’re wondering how I could write ‘8:25am Update,’ but then send the e-mail at 8:22am, it’s because I can see into the future.”

9:45am—Hello, Denver!

10am—Well, hello, Wall Street Journal radio!

11:30am—Hiya, Phoenix!



  1. oh my god I LOVE your posts :) You have a private fan. x

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