Posted by: Josey | January 23, 2011

Josey Miller on Good Morning America: Dirtiest Hotels in the U.S.

Tune into Good Morning America on ABC tomorrow morning (Monday) at approximately 8:45am EST. I’ll be talking about the dirtiest hotels in the U.S.—yuck—and what to pack in your Dirty Hotel Survival Kit.

UPDATE: Missed the segment? Watch it now.



  1. Dirtiest hotel I have stayed at was Shamrock Hotel in Texarkana, TX. Shivers. Brown water and scummy shower floor. Clogged drain. Filthy carpet, I threw my socks out when I left the room. I had to open the window to try to filter the mustiness. Then a neighborhood hobo stuck his head in and tried to panhandle a cig. Why did I stay there I will never know. Just a long day of driving. I should have slept in the car

  2. I saw your segment, but it seemed you didn’t get to talk about all the things that you would do with the plastic bags to guard against bedbugs. Any additionally info would be greatly appreciated.


  3. @McCool Travel: Thanks for your comment, but you may be better off posting your review on TripAdvisor. I couldn’t find a Shamrock Hotel in Texarkana, but here are all the Texarkana hotels: and here’s every place called Shamrock Hotel:
    @Deanna: So glad you asked! ABC ran more of the information in an article on their Web site:

  4. Dear Josey,

    I saw on, about dirtiest hotel in America.

    I think Sheraton Miyako Tokyo is worst than 3 others hotel in America.

    You should check it out by youself, bring camera, bring an ultra-violet or scanner or anthing that it can proved my words.

    You can see easily the dust.

    I was working for checking and maintenance, but not for making room / bed.

    Also, the hotel, Sheraton Miyako Tokyo Hotel, is one of the dangerous hotel.
    They dont care about safety, emergency exit (they put many things near by the exit that should clean and clear for anytime).
    Specially Japan, which many earthquake and the imgae is very clean country. I dont think so.

    I have many photos (evidence) about it.

    One more thing, Sheraton Miyako Tokyo, also has problem with Noro virus before.
    and they closed for temporary banquet and lounge area.

    Hope nobody hurt because the ugly and undicipline of the hygiene and sanitation of this hotel.

    Thank you.


  5. @Ricky: Thanks so much for your comment, but you may be better off posting your review on TripAdvisor. Here’s where you’ll find the Sheraton Miyako Tokyo:

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