Posted by: Josey | February 1, 2011

Ask Josey: June Honeymoon Ideas


I was having drinks with my friend Melissa last night. She’s getting married in June and her and her fiance are at a loss for where to go. They just did a whole tour of Asia last year, so that’s a no go. They’d rather not to Hawaii. And that’s not the best time of the year in Latin America. So I thought I’d ask my travel guru friend: Any suggestions?


Dear A,

My favorite topic! I don’t know Melissa’s personality or budget, but what about Bora Bora? The Great Barrier Reef? South Africa (I’d actually avoid the major cities there because they’re very un-honeymoon-like, but the safari lodges are incredible, as is the wine country outside Cape Town) and Mauritius? There are also some spectacular spots as close as Riviera Maya in Mexico and Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, Northern California (even Utah, believe it or not)… Does she like Europe? Paris would be so romantic for a honeymoon, of course, and you know I’m partial to Spain. Portugal is becoming more popular… I could go on!

Let me know if that helps,

Have more travel questions? Ask away in the comments section! If I don’t know the answer to your travel question myself, time-permitting, I’ll do some research for you. Plus: To read more of my “Ask Josey” posts, click here now.


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