Posted by: Josey | April 27, 2012

Josey Miller in the New York Times: A “Buzz” in Bermondsey, London

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During the Victorian Era, the leather industry boomed in Bermondsey, a London neighborhood on the south bank of the Thames, and over time, it evolved into an antiquing destination. But, despite its central location, neglect set in during the late 1900s…..

To read my latest article in the New York Times, check out this Sunday’s “Travel” section… or click here now. See what it looked like in print by clicking here.

Please note: My husband wouldn’t allow me to request a shared byline since my co-writer is, y’know, 10 months old and all. I believe he used words like “unprofessional” and “nerd.” Fair enough. But he can’t stop me from saying it here! ADDITIONAL REPORTING: MASON WERTHEIMER.

Photo credit (above*): Josey Miller

*Photos in actual article by the talented Hazel Thompson

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