Posted by: Josey | March 4, 2015

Brooke & Mary Acting Class, UCB Sketch Comedy Program, and More!

Besides some exciting new work (I’ll share clips as soon as they say it’s okay!), I’ve taken some really fun classes this winter–and learned a TON:

After taking a month-long on-camera commercial acting class with casting directors Brooke Thomas (Brooke Thomas Casting) and Mary Callahan (House Casting)–you can read their blog here–Mary wanted to put me straight through to the callback of a big audition… and, not only did Brooke submit me on a voiceover job, but I booked it! They’re also the nicest, funniest ladies (and aspirational moms to boot), and when I grow up, I want to be… them.

Ken Lazer of Ken Lazer Casting and actor/teacher Jerry Coyle also passed along so many fantastic on-camera tips in their classes, and I’m incredibly grateful to both.

And, finally, toooooooooooomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya’, tomorrow! Tomorrow I start the sketch comedy program at Upright Citizens Brigade, eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Totally not excited about that. Nope. Acting, writing, comedy, blech.

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