Posted by: Josey | March 8, 2015

VO Role in Aphasia… Tribeca Film Festival! Cannes!

In the role of the lead character Emily’s mom, I lent my voice to a film project last year… and just found out it was accepted to both Tribeca Film Festival and Cannes 2015.

Quick back story: The uber-talented, hardworking Robin Rose Singer wrote, produced and plays Emily in this film, which is called Aphasia. She and I first met at a Greenwich Village, NYC venue a decade ago; she worked there while I emceed weekly open mic nights and performed a weekly singer-songwriter residency at its sister venue; she’d often jump up for a song. A few years later we were so excited to find ourselves reunited at the first rehearsal for the Father of Songs musical sing-through. And then I was lucky enough to have her ask me to make a voiceover appearance in Aphasia. Don’t be fooled by her adorable giggles; Robin is a total bad ass.

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