Posted by: Josey | October 21, 2020

On Set This Week for Fender Guitars

I’m feeling like a very cool mom this week, talking about parenting and music for Fender Guitars (there are a lot of feelings that come with motherhood, but “cool” is seldom one of them)… I even got to sing some of my original songs! The segment will air on various TV and radio stations across the country and, if any of them post it online, I’ll be sure to share the link.

Thank you to Joann and her rockstar team at Consultancy Media for thinking of me for this! CM was one of the very first companies to ever hire me as a voiceover actor over a decade ago–alongside F# for Spotify and Pearson Education–and I’ll be forever grateful. Plus, it’s always so much fun when clients call again and again and, over time, become friends!

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