Posted by: Josey | March 28, 2023

Disney/Pixar’s Elemental, in Theaters June 16!

C4D64159-2D4A-46EB-AB73-E6517D8CA73CMy baby is in a Disney/Pixar movie (!!) and you’ll definitely dig his character Clod! 🌱🌸 Meet him in Elemental, coming to theaters June 16. Pixar launched the official trailer today, and it is gorgeous and hilarious (and also: CATHERINE O’HARA—ahhh!). Mason was so excited to work with a total legend, director Peter Sohn, and they bonded over a shared love of hockey (and Pete Docter and Denise Ream were there, too–major whoa)… And, well, none of us can believe this is happening (umm… he’s a Band-aid?!). He and his little brother, now a fellow Disney voiceover actor (this is 🍌🍌🍌)–Ryan–have been keeping this a secret for a long time, which is super-hard to do, and I’m so proud of them for doing that–and for a million other reasons, too. He also wants to thank Natalie Lyon, Bonnie Shumofsky Bloom, Lucius Robinson, Micaela, Emma, Emily, Tami, Amanda, and his whole incredible Stewart Talent team.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer.

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